New Pin And Penguin Style Catalog

Hello Penguins!

The new pin is a GingerBread Man at the Lodge Attic.

Also, the new Penguin Style cataloame today!


Here are the cheats.

P.S. You realize there is now Big Wigs catalog because the Big Wigs catalog is combined with the Penguin Style catalog!


This note says that the new clothes are for the Night Club.

Click the blue light near the bottom of the Dance Floor on the left to get the Spikette Wig.(Page 1)

Click the Flower Pot on the left page to get the Fruit Basket.(Page 2)

Click the orange present under the tree to get the Yellow Scarf.(Page 3)

Click the top of the mountain on the left page to get the Russian Hat.(Page 4)

Click the white top of the tree at the top left to get the Viking Helmet.Open and close it four more times to get the Blue Viking Helmet.(Page 5)


Click the snowman’s hat on the right to get the Pink Pom Pom Toque.(Page 6)

Click the Snowflake at the top right to get the Red Hoodie.

~Agent Wilberd 


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One Comment on “New Pin And Penguin Style Catalog”

  1. nintendo0man Says:

    hey wilberd is lassiedog wats up or my cp is hurry up 9 um can u have a contest for a card jitzu code plz and tell me on xat wen u do have 1

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