Join This Forum Please!

Hello Penguins!

I have joined this forum.

I know its not very good right now but, soon it will be very good.

So if you guys would could you please join this forum by clicking here.


If you join the forum, thats great! Theres an Admin thats named Plox and when he sees you tell him Wilberd invited me.




~Agent WIlberd


P.S. Im still waiting for the new author, I don’t know where to find him…=(

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2 Comments on “Join This Forum Please!”

  1. Lunar Lilo 6 Says:

    Hey wilberd. I joined but nothing really opened up to me aside from being able to comment. When will I get cool coin cheats and stuff?

    -Lunar Lilo 6

    P.S. Awesome new header by the way.

    • Wilberd Says:

      Also to get the cheats and stuff…

      Go to the forums and you can post stuff and there will be cheats.
      You can subscibe by going to the Home page and where it says Subscribe follow that.

      So yeah…have fun!

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