About Lux1200 And His Awesome Club Penguin Cheat Site – Contest Post

Hello penguins!

This is a special post deciated to Lux1200 who has made a Club Penguin website that is almost the best one!

It is brilliant, fun, awesome.

The cheats, secrets, guides and more are excellent!


I would want to meet him in Club Penguin very much, if you don’t know about Lux1200 please visit his website at http://clubpenguincheatcp.com.

His site is called Club Penguin Cheat Site, if you actually see his whole website it is awesome!

He has alot of contests to win prizes like Coin Codes, Membership, Fano’s ebooks, and some more.

Now if you take a look at this funny pictures at http://clubpenguincheatcp.com/funny-pictures/ then you will see pictures by him (Lux1200) that are very funny. Im serious, its so funny that I really laugh! His pictures are very good.

He loves friends like I do. He would be glad to add you on Club penguin but sadly his Friends List is full.

So if your looking for cheats, secrets, guides, and alot more go to http://clubpenguincheatcp.com/ and there it is!


If you wanna know the history of Club Penguin Pins go to http://clubpenguincheatcp.com/club-penguin-pins/.

For the history of how Club Penguin started…well, it is very intresting so I would read it all, here is the link http://clubpenguincheatcp.com/the-history-of-club-penguin/.

His Chat Room is www.xat.com/Lux1200.


If you wanna see some awesome Club Penguin stuff go to www.clubpenguincheatcp.com.

I love that site!

So visit now!

 Also, I am doing this to help my buddy Lux.

He is very nice. His real name is Luke. He is currently 13 years old.

His first Club penguin account is named Lux12000 which was made in the Fall 2005 and was banned for hacking Rockhopper. Thats really bad, sorry Lux. So then he made Lux1200.

He loves Halo A WHOLE BUNCH!

He is a Halo Freak!

Thank you Lux1200 for this awesome Club Penguin site! Remember to visit www.clubpenguincheatcp.com.


Thank you for your time.

~Agent Wilberd

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2 Comments on “About Lux1200 And His Awesome Club Penguin Cheat Site – Contest Post”

  1. Lux1200 Says:

    Awesome post! Thanks so much for all the kind comments!

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