Club Penguin Dance-A-Thon Cheats

Hello penguins!

Today the Dance-A-Thon finally came out!

Its so awesome!

Heres a few stuff you should see.

First you go into the Night Club.

Then you pick up a Boombox.

Special Dance – Wear the Boombox and nothing else except your penguin color, then dance you will do a cool dance move.

If you see those buttons that say 1 2 3 4 then click any button and the Dance Floor will change. I like number 4 best.

Click the Dance Contest sign to sign up for the Dance Contest game! You can do a New Game, a Multiplayer game, a game lesson, or quit.

If you’re in the Night Club then Club Penguin will welcome you by putting your name on the board. It will show 3 penguin names every few seconds.

This is the Dance Lounge, come on and make some noise!

Now if you got to the Roof, its is really cool!

If you look up then you will see two blank tvs. Click them and it will change the channel.

If you see Cadence in Club Penguin click the box on her playercard and you will get the Dance Party background.

The ID of the background in Penguin Storm(Or any other program that has Item Id Hacking) is 9015, for members only.

I hope you find Cadence! Also, have a great time at the party.


~Agent Wilberd

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