Club Penguin Coin Cheat & Wilberd Gets OwNeD!

Hello penguins!

There is a new coin cheat for the Dance Contest game!

Here is how you can do it.


1. Login to Club Penguin on any SAFE CHAT SERVER.

2. Got to the Night Club and get as close to the Dance Contest table as possible. Do not let the box where it says ”Would you like to dance” apper yet.

3. Press Tab on your keyboard until the yellow box is on the button to go to your home. Press Enter on your keyboard then quickly press the Dance Contest sign.

4. It should be like this.

5. Click Yes when the box pops up.

6. Do atleast two dances (The more the better) then go to the Main Menu.

7. Keep clicking Quit then Ok, Quit then Ok, keep doing that.

8. The other way to do it is if your playing a Dance Game then click the X at the top.


Also, I tried doing this same thing on Pizzatron…DO NOT DO THE CHEAT ON PIZZATRON YET! READ BELOW!

So I clicked the red lever at the bottom, then played, made like 4 pizzas…press the X at the top.

Pressed X AGAIN, and then look what it said.

Yeah, I got owned…=(

I think I was going to get banned. But luckily I refreshed the page then, every day it says ”Multiple connections detected. Please disconnet old connections”.

Even though there is only one Club Penguin window. Then I have to refresh it and I can play. If I click Okay then I lose some memory.

So I clicked Okay…now that server thingy never happend. =D

Well, thats all for now!


~Agent Wilberd

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2 Comments on “Club Penguin Coin Cheat & Wilberd Gets OwNeD!”

  1. cooco9 Says:

    Hey did u just post?

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