New Authors & Wilberd Widgets *SHARED POST*

                       Greetings penguins of earth and beyond.

   If ya havent heard that greeting before, get used to it.  I’m Lord Vandock and I’m Lunar Lilo 6 and we are the new authors here.  When our buddy Wilberd asked us to be authors, we just couldn’t turn him down.  We will be posting here more often now.  Here is the link to our site.

-Lord V & Lunar


Wilberd here…so yeah, those are the new authors.

Also, I have found out how to create a widget!(not from a make a banner site)


So then I made…..WILBERD WIDGETS!

Click here to view it.

It is hard and complicated!

I wasted almost 2 hours on just making the little blog and 2 widgets!

Thats al for now.


~Agent Wilberd

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