New Awesome Club Penguin Stuff!! + MY PUFFLES RAN AWAY!!

Edit: My puffles ran away while I was at school!

I don’t wanna waste time showing the other cards, but only one puffle didn’t run away.


Cooler was one of the first puffles I got, the other first puffle I got was Goku who was a blue puffle.

I don’t know why they ran away..:(


Hello penguins!

Today some exciting new things came out! Let’s start with the Puffle Party construction.

They’re working on the Puffle Party!

The Pet Furniture catalog in the Pet Shop has changed.

The new pin is in the Mine.

The new stage is here!

The catalog is here!

Click the guy with the Red Jacket holding the red ball, CLICK THE RED BALL.

Sorry, gotta go pictures will come soon.


Agent Wilberd

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2 Comments on “New Awesome Club Penguin Stuff!! + MY PUFFLES RAN AWAY!!”

  1. Sam Says:

    Lol its me cpsalty from club waddles thing…
    Hey want to win a series 2 coin code i am having a party and the most active people will go into a poll and win a toy code! Check my site for more details! check it out!


    Maybe YOU could win!

  2. Bellerophont Says:

    Thanx for putting MCP banner on your site.

    Wilberd: Your welcome Belle.

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