Rockhopper & New Pin!

Update: I have found out Rockhopper is taking Yarr for a walk! So yes his playercard has changed.

Hello penguins!
Today Rockhopper has arrived at the Beach!

Looks like Rockhopper brought some cool new items!

Click the red x on the Wall Map to get the Port Hole.

You can see a white puffle in Rockhopper’s Note Coard where he is walking Yarr.

There’s a new Rockhopper postcard!

Where’s Yarr?

If you just want to get Rockhopper’s Background click here to download Penguin Storm 4 Public Beta, then click Buy Item at the top and click Enter Id, then type in 959 and click Ok. Then it will say You have found a Rockhopper Background would you like to pick it up, press Yes. Now you have the Rockhopper Background!

The O-Berry pin is at the Iceburg!


That’s all for now!

Agent Wilberd

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One Comment on “Rockhopper & New Pin!”

  1. Chloe Says:

    Is penguin storm virus free? and free in price?

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