Club Penguin Times – Issue #177

 Hola penguins.

    The new newspaper is out and from the looks of it, there are gonna be alot of parties in March.   First and foremost, the grand release of the first ever Penguin Play Awards! Members will be able to strut their way down the red carpet to vote for their favorite play.  The five catagories are . . . Best All Around Play, Best Sound, Best Effects, Best Costumes and Best Set. 

     And after hours of catching and examining white puffles, puffle experts confirm they are safe and ready for adoption on Friday.  Though small in size, these puffles pack quite a punch so adopt with caution.  Penguins wonder why the white puffles are revealing themselves now.  Residents say its because of the puffle party, the white pufffles started trusting penguins more.  What do you think?

       All you artists and sculptors out there, you had better get to work for the snow sculpture contest.  The 15 winners will get their sculptures featured in the anual Festival of Snow and an added bonus of 10,000 coins so don’t delay, submit today.

      What day of the year do you have to wear green or get pinched?  Yoouuu guessed it.  St. Patrick’s day!  The party will be held March13-March17.  so get your green on.

Current Events

White Puffles Adoptable – March 6

New Penguin Clothing Catalog – March 6-April 2

Rockhopper – Leaves March 8

St. Patrick’s Day Party – March 13- March 17′

Penguin Play Awards – March 20

New Pin Hidden – March 12

Hasta Luego!

-Lord Vandock

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