Penguin Play Awards, Ice Sculptures, and New Better Igloos Catalog

Hello penguins!

The Penguin Play Awards has come out today at the Stage, which only members can visit.

This is what the inside of the Stage looks like, in the Costume Trunk there will be costumes for The Top Five Stages.

In the catalog where it says Penguin Play Awards on the 2nd page click the P for the Penguin Play Awards Background.

Click the greeen wig for the Time Travel Hat.

Click VS for the Squidzoid Costume.

This is the Backstage which you can visit if you go where it says Exit in the Stage.

Aunt Artic may be here. I SAW HER!

I met her at Frozen. Here is the background.

You may even see her at the Stage! Good luck on finding her!

You can vote at the Plaza.

There is a new Igloo Upgrades Catalog.

There is a new Restraunt Igloo, but that’s all.

Check out the new Better Igloos catalog.

Click the Electric Guitar Shadow Box for the Disco Ball.

Click the word Puffle for the White Puffle Poster.

Click the Koi Pond for the Ice Table.

Click the Pinata for the Aquariam.

Click the Velvet Rope for the Welcome Mat.

Click the right Snow Tower where it says Build Your Own Snow Fort for the Green Birdhouse.

You can go check out the first 5 winners of the Ice Sculpture contest, at the Lighthouse, Dock, Beacon, Beach, and Ski Village.

I hope you enjoy all of these exciting events!


Agent Wilberd

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