Newspaper Issue#180 Is Here!

Hiya peng’s ❗ A new issue has just been released, Its the 180th Issue! 😀

Club Penguin Issue#180!

I hope that the members are having a great time in the Stage 😀

Penguin Play Awards Continues!

Dont forget to congratulate the next Snow Sculpture Artists, They are:

• Yacou123

• Zsanett

• Eggy1plant

• Imagem

• Extraboum


In page A6-A7, It will tell us about the Game Gears that help us in games, Like for example, The surf board items can be used in Catchin’ Waves, Coming this March 27, We will be able to see items near the Games that will be very helpful for using through out the game 😀

Game Gears Set!

In page A8-A9, Gary said about his crazy ideas to make activities in the islands, Plus, he did confirmed that the Switch box 3000 will be in action to April 2 – 9, Will be it a part to the April Fools Party?

Play Inspires Inventor

A very interesting page concerns everybody, Which is Page C6, It will be the coming of the new Martial Arts Catalog! (Each sold seperately, Dont need batteries 😀 )

Martial Arts Catalog

It says on the note:

•Fortune: Ninjas needing new outfits will be rewarded.•

Ooooh, I love the “will be rewarded” part 😀

Here are the upcoming events:

Upcoming Events

• March 20 – April 9 = Penguin Play Awards (OnGoing), New Snow Sculptures

• March 27 = New Martial Arts Catalog

• March 27 – April 9 = New Pin

Until then…

Waddle On ❗

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