April Fools Super Sneak Peek!

Hiya peng’s! Today when i log in to CP, The party had started! I was so excited to get the free item, It was a Blue Propeller Cap on the Mine Shack, But when i got it, It says “The Item Is Unavailable” and i got log out, Then when i log in, The party isnt here, Sorry i dont have proof, Only to say that the Blue Propeller Cap is at the Mine Shack, I think that was around 9:30-10:30 PST (Penguin Standard Time), I dont know the exact time, It was just a minute then it was gone, I didnt even notice it, Well, I just told you this cause’ you might wanna hear it, Here are some decorations on the rooms in CP i saw while the glitch is working:

Plaza ~ Has many boxes and when hover into it, Puffles will jump out.

Ski Lodge ~ A teleporter was there and the lighthouse picture, I forgot where it teleports me.

Lighthouse ~ A box on the upper stairs and when hover, A green puffle wearing a propeller hat will zoom into boxes.

Forest ~ A dragon made out of boxes and will move when clicked to its parts.

Cove ~ The trees are moving and a box on the rocks near the nipa hut which allows you to play Catchin’ Waves that will appear another box and the box will dive into the water.

Docks ~ Have a big box to a smaller box just like to a past April Fools where you get the Box Pin.

Sorry i cant support this with pictures, I was really excited, Believe me or not, Its ok, Lets base the fact in April Fools, Well, Hope to see you peng’s be silly tomorrow!

Until then…

Waddle On ❗

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