Newspaper Issue#181 Is Here!

Hiya pengs ❗ The newspaper issue is here! It is the 181th issue! 😀

Newspaper Issue#181

This time The newspaper overdid April Fools :mrgreen: Anyways, The April Fools Party will be staying here until April 5, So i hope you will be silly while the party still last! 😀

April Fools

The winners are announced in the Snow Sculpture, They are:

• Doudou15

• Monalooka

• Zohannah7

• Dj Girl Roxs

• Giraffe106

Congratulations to the winners! 🙂

If you arent busy, Try reading the “In Focus” where you read about the “April Fool’s enlightment”, It is located at page B1 up to page B4 😀

April Fool's Enlightment

Here are the upcoming events:

Upcoming Events

• April 2-5 = Saillin the sea

• April 6-7 = Saillin the sea

• April 8-15 = Saillin the big blue sea

• April 16-23 = Saillin the oceans

• April 24 = Arrive at Rockhopper Island

No wait, Im just kidding 😀 Here is the real Upcoming events, To view this, Click the box in the “Upcoming and Current Pin” or move to the next page.

R-E-A-L Upcoming Events

• April 2-9 = Last Week Of Penguin Play Awards

• April 3-30 = Penguin Style Catalog

• April 10-12 = Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt

• April 3-9 = Penguin Play Awards

• April 10-23 = New Collectible Pin

Wow! Only two days for the Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt, This party wont last long, But my prediction is there will be a new bunny hat or may’be a past Easter Egg free item, Hope to see you silly right now in CP! 😀

Until then…

Waddle On ❗

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