Newspaper Issue #182

Medieval Party, Spring Furniture, Penguins Getting Paid and more!

Medieval Story


A story of a nobled knights setting out on a perilous journey into the dangerous maze for the treasure.  Acompanying him on the journey, a beautiful princess and funny court jester as they set off!  But the story doesn’t stop there.  Dig deeper into the story next week.

The Fine Art of Furniture


   Ahhh . . . the art of fine furniture.  Spring is here so it’s time to pack up the winter furniture and roll out the phony lawn with some flowers to go with it.  But don’t wait too long because you’ve only got until May 14. 

Penguins Getting Paid


Penguins got a sneak peak of something starting May 1st.  PENGUINS BEING PAID!!!!  If your penguin is a Tour Guide or a Secret Agent then you’ll be getting a postcard in the mail with some mula!  250 for one of the jobs and 500 coins for 2 jobs.  Here is a sneak peak of the postcard.

        peng-paid2Credit to lux1200

It will be filled out with you pay, your penguin’s name, and a signature from the Director of the PSA or ClubPenguin.

Upcoming Events


Starting April 24 – New Tobagan Sled And New Dance Music

May 1-June 4 – New Penguin Style Catalog

May 8-May 17 – Medieval Party

April 23 – New Pin Hidden

In Other New

    Check out my new signature I just made.  Took me half an hour to finally get it looking like this.  Comment and tell me whatcha think!


Well, thats all! See ya later!


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