Getting Millions Of Coins!

Hiya peng’s ❗ I visited a friendly site, The owner of the site is named “Wwe Adam”, Im sure some of you knows him, Got a gazook glitch! I will show ya how you do it! πŸ˜‰

1. Go to any server you want.

2. Enter the Coffee Shop.

3. When you are there, Move a distance far away from the game “Bean Counters”.

4. Click the beans to play Bean Counters.

5. While your penguin is moving, When he is near the bag of beans, Quickly click the “Igloo” Button to go to your igloo.

6. There should be a sign asking for you to play.

7. Click “Yes”.

8. Gather some time gathering coins, Then when you got some several coins good for repeating, Waste your lives.

9. Now the game would say “You have earned <AMOUNT OF COINS>, You now have <COINS YOU HAVE WITH INCREASED COINS>”, Click “Ok” and keep clicking the “X” button on your upper right portion of your screen, Triggering it to give you the same amount of coins.

10. Repeat until your rich.

It also works for Aqua Grabber, Try getting about 1,800 coins or more in Aqua Grabber, Then when your done, Click “X” and get the coins, I use it and i have many coins! πŸ˜€

WARNING AND PRECAUTION: This Glitch MIGHT get you ban, Try to be careful please, Dont blame me for you getting ban in this glitch, It’s a GIFT TO RISK

Until then…

Waddle On ❗

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One Comment on “Getting Millions Of Coins!”

  1. Chloe Says:

    It doesnt work no more u lose connection OR get kicked out of the server

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