Wilberd Is Kind of Back…

Hey guys!

It’s me Wilberd, I know I haven’t posted in a while because I quit but know I’ve decided that I will post the latest Club Penguin news whenever I have a chance. I have been busy in other stuff.

Thank You Chillex for keeping the site running for a while..

So now for the news going on right now in CP.

Card Jitsu Fire just came out, isn’t it awesome? I’m already a Fire Ninja here’s what the outfit looks like and what the items are.

Once you have the Fiery Helmet you will have all the pieces of the Fire Suit, then you may battle Sensei and if you defeat him he will give you the Fire Gem to add to your amulet and you will be a Fire Ninja. Soon Club Penguin will make Card Jitsu Water and Snow.

Heres the events that are coming up..

So good luck on becoming a Fire Ninja!

That’s all for now!

~Agent Wilberd~

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