New Newspaper & Coins For Change Coming Soon!

Hey penguins!

Today a new newspaper came out and Club Penguin announced that Coins For Change is coming soon!

First, let’s talk about Coins For Change. Here’s what Club Penguin said.

“Hello Penguins!

Every year we hear from you guys about how much you love participating in Coins For Change. The 3rd annual Coins For Change program will go from December 11th – 20th and we’re gearing up to celebrate how contributing (in big or small ways) can help to change the world!


Coins For Change is all about playing games to earn coins… and then donating coins at stations around the island. Every donation of coins in Club Penguin means you’ll be helping decide how a 1 million dollar donation will be divided. This year the categories are: helping kids who are poor, helping kids who are sick, and helping the environment. And this year, there’ll be some new ways to donate and celebrate – including a benefit concert at the Lighthouse!!

Keep checking for Rockhopper because his arrival will kick off the celebrations!! And he’ll bring some rare items that’ll make it possible to donate coins right inside your igloo…

Let us know if you’re planning on saving up your coins to share during Coins For Change!

-Club Penguin Team”.

So yeah, Coins For Change is a pretty good event. And Rockhopper is comin’ again! I’m so excited!

I think he’ll bring us a Coins For Change donating station for our igloo.

Here’s the new newspaper stuff..First the front cover.

Here’s the inside of the newspaper, the section about Rockhopper coming and Coins For Change.

Oh look! Here’s a secret.

Here are the upcoming events.

Well, that’s all for now!

Agent Wilberd

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