New Penguin Style Catalog, New Pin, & Rockhopper Comin’ Soon!

Hello penguins!

There is a new Penguin Style Catalog today!

Here are the cheats for it. First click the bucket below the Coins For Change sign for the Stocking Cap.

Then,click the top of the tree for the Long Johns, the Snare Drum for Snare Drum, the Acoustic Guitar for the Acoustic Guitar, the Trumpet for the Trumpet, and the Drum Sticks for Drum Sticks.

After that, click the word “Work” for the Black Superhero Mask.

Next, click the White Puffle for The Dizzy.

Click the Dojo for the Red Viking Helmet and open and close it four more times for the Blue Viking Helmet.

Fore the last cheat, click the mushroom for the Black Cape.

And check out the new backgrounds, too. They’re pretty cool.

Also, there is a new pin at the Forest.

In other news, the Migrator is in the Beacon telescope and he’s coming this Friday along with the Coins For Change program. So go check out the telescope at the beacon. Here’s what it looks like.

Well, that’s all for now!

Agent Wilberd

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