Rockhopper Here, Coins For Change, New Better Igloos Catalog & More!

Hello Penguins!

Today Rockhopper and Coins For Change has come!

Here are the items Rockhopper brought.

The Treasure Hunt game is in a Christmas version.

That’s all for Rockhoppper and remember to donate some money for Coins For Change!

There is a new Better Igloos Catalog too.

Here are the catalog cheats.

First, click the blue bird on the Santa Hat Snowman’s hat for the Nutcracker.

Next, click the red bow on the Christmas Wreath for the Small Christmas Tree.

Afetr that, click the star on the Large Christmas Tree for the Christmas Lights.

Then, click the cushion on the Modern Chair for the Coat Rack.

Next, click the wood in the Aquarium for the Shoe Rack.

After that, click the leg of the Wooden Table for the Wood Stove.

Then, click the right Snow Tower for the Fireplace.

Next, click the top of the Snow Fortress for the Icicles.

After that, click the bricks on the Iron Gates for the Puffle Jack-O-Lantern.

Then, click the window on the Cottage Cutout for the Cauldron.

Next, click the 1st Jack-O-Lantern for the LCD Television.

After that, click the Tombstone for the Goofy Jack-O-Lantern.

That’s all for the Better Igloos Catalog cheats but there’s a new Igloo Upgrades Catalog!

There’s a new flooring! Snowy Floor!

That’s all for that catalog!

There are some new postcards. One of them, if someone sends it to you you can get a free item.

Here are the other postcards.

There is also some construction going on in the Town, Night Club, and Dance Lounge.

Well, that’s all for now, have fun!

Agent Wilberd

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