New Christmas Party, Pin, and Igloo Contest Begins!

Hello penguins! Today the Christmas Party came out!

Here are the free items.

Ski Village

Here is the awesomely decorated Town.

Here’s what the Dance Lounge, now Santa’s Workshop looks like.

If you go into Santa’s sled you have to deliver gifts in to peoples’ chimneys and then you will win a prize after you’re done.

After you’re done delivering all the presents, the prize is a Santa Suit , it will appear at the top of the screen and you click it to get it.

The new pin is a Snowman at the Lodge Attic.

You can now enter for the Igloo Contest by going to your igloo, clicking the yellow igloo button and clicking yes when the message pops up.

The benefit concert is here and it is rockin’ the lighthouse!

Well, that’s all for now! This Christmas Party is pretty awesome you know…

Agent Wilberd

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One Comment on “New Christmas Party, Pin, and Igloo Contest Begins!”

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