New Penguin Style Catalog, Pin, and Fireworks!

Hey guys!

There is a new awesome Penguin Style Catalog!

There’s this new thing where you can pick a color and a design then you can buy it on a shirt!

Here are the cheats. Click the top of the mountain in the back for the Pink Flippers.

Click the bubble next to the fish’s tail for the Viking Helmet. Click it four more times to get the Blue Viking Helmet.

Click the Coins For Change bucket for the Stocking Cap.

Click the snow on the first tree for the Long Johns.

Click the Drumsticks for the Drumsticks.

Click the Acoustic Guitar for the Acoustic Guitar.

Click the Trumpet for the Trumpet.

Click the Snare Drum for the Snare Drum.

Click the word “Work” for the Black Superhero Mask.

Click the white puffle for The Dizzy.

Check out the new backgrounds!

There are some new Flags Club Penguin added. The ones that have red near them are new.

That’s all for the catalog! There is a new pin in the Lighthouse!

It is a Fireworks Pin.

There are now fireworks in Club Penguin! Go to the the Ice Berg or Ski Hill to see the best views.

Well, that’s all for now!


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