Another New Link!

I have made another link that will direct you to this site.
It is

So all the links that there are so far that will direct you to this site are: and the regular link…

So you can use either of those links if they are shorter than the one you are using right now to go here.( It doesn’t really matter which link you use, I don’t care but it’s just easier for you to choose the shortest one if you always type in the link.)


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3 Comments on “Another New Link!”

  1. Maxguy124678 Says:

    Here is some advice.
    If you stay up late then you will be able to contact with penguins you never dreamed of seeing!
    I have met 5 famous penguin already including Mimo777 at Midnight.

    and and dont work


    Wilberd: Okay thank you and those links do work..try typing them in your Address Bar and they will work. Also, you spelled the links wrong.

  2. Maxguy124678 Says:

    The New Newspaper was out 14 hours ago.
    Where is your post?


    Wilberd: Sorry dude, I didn’t post it because I was away from home for a while. I had to go somewhere with my mom that took a long time.

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