New Penguin Style Catalog!

Hello penguins!

Today a new Penguin Style catalog came out!

Here are the cheats.

Click the snow on the top of the Pine Tree for The Brunette and the Purple Spring Dress.

Click the top of the mountain for the Pastel Suede Jacket.

Click the snow of the leaning tree for the Pom Pom Scarf.

Click the snowman’s nose for the Pink Snorkel.

Click the top of the mountain for the Pink Flippers.

Click the big bubble behind the fish’s tail for the Red Viking Helmet.

Click the bubble 4 more times for the Blue Viking Helmet.

Click the Coins For Change pot for the Sleeping Cap.

Click the top of the pine tree for the Long Johns.

Click the Drumsticks for the Drumsticks.

Click the Trumpet for the Trumpet.

Click the Acoustic Guitar for the Acoustic Guitar.

There is a new Penguins At Work thing. A Pet Shop Apron!

There are new backgrounds too. The first one is new and the others are returned.

In other news, there is new Puffle Furniture coming up and there is a new login screen to show some stuff about it and to remind you.


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