Non-Members can now buy Flags!

Guess what!

Nonmembers can now buy flags! YAY!

I will now put my hometown on my player card.

If you want to put this on your site please give credit To Maxguy124678

CP has also added a Haiti Flag to support Haiti after the Earthquake.

Here is a Picture of my Player Card:

Looking at my Member Clothing can you guess when I started Club Penguin?

Can you guess what my Hometown is?

And can you guess where this Picture was taken? (The room)


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2 Comments on “Non-Members can now buy Flags!”

  1. Waddle458 Says:

    You started around in Early 2007 or November 2006
    Hometown is Australia
    The room is the Dock

    • Maxguy124678 Says:

      Very good but I live in New Zealand and the flags look almost exactly the same that New Zealand is considering getting a new flag!
      I was in the dock!
      and I started in January 2007 so well done!

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