Orange Puffle Spotted In Ski Village!

A couple of days ago the Newspaper came out. I did not post that it came out but if I did I would have put this:

In this Picture you see a mystery puffle. Now I wasn’t sure if that would be the orange puffle but now it is confirmed! These Pictures are SO Exclusive because Mimo777, Fever, Chrisdog93, CD, Microchip123 and Wwe adam haven’t even found out about this and have not posted it on there site. Just look at these pictures below!

These Pictures are Exclusive (for now) This is the FIRST blog to find this out. If you would like these pictures comment and we can arrange something.

This orange puffle can come at ANY time of the day. To see this orange puffle you need to have at least 10 ORANGE penguins in the room. Eventully the Orange Puffle will come down when there are at least 10 ORANGE penguins.


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5 Comments on “Orange Puffle Spotted In Ski Village!”

  1. Hi Says:

    Watex(Fever) still runs his site? But anyways this is awesome isn’t it! Orange Puffle here we come! 😀 ~Hi

    • Maxguy124678 Says:

      Yes he does, His old site got suspended so he made a new site. Here is URL:

      ~Maxguy124678 Puffle Specialist~

  2. Hi Says:

    Yep I knew his old site got suspended and I thought I found his new site but forgot what it was… I remembered and it was a fake claiming to be Watex.. So cool! Thanks! 😀 -hi

  3. Penguinthorn77 Says:

    COOL! I WANT THIS PUFFLE BADLY!! IT IS SO COOL! But i’m not a member :(:'(

    ~Penguinthorn77 Puffle EXPERT!~ (I beat Maxguy:D)

  4. Wisdomousgem Says:

    actually the orange puffle comes out every 15 minutes.
    it doesn’t come out when 10 orange penguins r there. sorry u might hav ur facts wrong.because i have seen the orange puffle like 30 times,and during those 30 times it came out every 15 minutes and there were no orange penguins.the orange puffle can be spotted every 15 minutes at the ski lodge,ski village, and box dimension.

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