My Theory About Why Yarr Is Lost


As you guys know, Rockhopper has lost Yarr, the Mine, you can see a Yellow Puffle. I made up this theory about why those two things are happening. Here we go..

A month or two ago, we got to go in the caves, right? And we got to explore stuff..well, Rory and his friends closed it because they wanted to keep it safe for other people and do more exploring before they open it again. There might be a machine or something that attracts puffles. It might be Herbert that is doing this. It could be anyone evil, maybe a new character like Herbert, he is evil. He made a machine that attracts puffles and put it in the caves. Look at these pictures:

First, Yarr is missing.

Next, the Green Puffle from the Night Club is missing.

And the Yellow Puffle from the Stage is missing.

And when you enter the Mine, you can see some construction going on and if you hover your mouse over the hole where the rock fell out, you see a Yellow Puffle. And I think that puffle is from the Stage.

What do you think? Do you think this theory is true? Leave a comment and let me know!


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3 Comments on “My Theory About Why Yarr Is Lost”

  1. Tomichael Says:

    Thats a good idea! It very well could be!

    Wilberd: Thanks dude.

  2. Maxguy124678 Says:

    I think you are right wilberd, Sorry I couldn’t post because I was very busy with homework.

    ~Stay Cool Maxguy124678~

  3. Mckenzie (cars4658) Says:

    i dont know where yarr is can you tell me!!

    Wilberd: Yarr is in the Mine, but you can only see him when Rockhopper is there.

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