New Puffle Furniture!

Today, Club Penguin released a new Puffle Furniture catalog.

There are three new items. A Salon Chair, Orange House,  and a Orange Puffle Bed.

Here are the cheats. Click the right handle of the Salon Chair for the Puffle Condo.

Click the Red Puffle OR the Black Puffle for both the Red House and the Grey House.

Click “Puffle” for the Grey Puffle Bed.

That’s all!


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2 Comments on “New Puffle Furniture!”

  1. Super Bo Bo 4(CPNA Leader) Says:


    Wilberd: Nobody won yet. I’m still deciding.

  2. Globalsavior Says:

    Hmm, I didn’t know you play MiniMonos. My account on there is Levi. You’d probably see me there.

    Wilberd: Ok. Though, I don’t go on very often anymore. I think I’ve seen you before though.

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