April Fool’s Day Party Cheats

Today Club Penguin released the April Fool’s Day party! It’s pretty cool. Check out the Town, the Coffee Shop and Gift Shop are kinda missing. I wonder what happened to them.

There are two free items! Let’s check out the Dock and get the first one.

To get the first item, you have to throw snowballs at the board and form a picture. Something like a treasure chest will come up and bring out a Red Propeller Cap.

The last item is at a members only room (sorry non-members). Go to the Snow Forts, go through the door and you will be in this really silly place! There is a Jester Hat you can get.

Well, that’s it! Don’t forget to check out all the other neat rooms!

My favorite is probably the Mine. What’s yours?


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One Comment on “April Fool’s Day Party Cheats”

  1. Chloe Says:

    Ok i have an idea 4 u u can hire non-members to cover non-member stuff and members for All stuff

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