Club Penguin Times Issue #233

Hey there penguins! This is Chaos42, with my first real CP news post on this site.

Well, as you probably know, today is April 1st, which is….*DRUM ROLL*…APRIL FOOLS DAY! Yes, the day where everything is funky and crazy, and it looks like Club Penguin has joined the fun this year, as they did last year, as they crazed up the Club Penguin Times. Take a look at the cover:


Whoa! Now that’s what I call penguin crazy! I think that it’s cool how the Club Penguin team made all the sections on the left hand side say “Grub”, and when you hover your mouse over them, the REAL section names appear!

Also, check out the inside of the newspaper too! It’s ALSO loaded with tons of jokes and fun stuff.

And now onto the events. There are many events coming soon to Club Penguin:

  • A new Penguin Style Catalog is out today. Look below this post for the cheats.
  • On April 9th, there will be new Penguin Mail, so you can send your friends new Penguin Mail!
  • On April 16th, there is a new furniture catalog!
  • On April 16th, there will be a new igloo catalog!

Also, theres a new hidden pin out today, and will be hidden untill April 8th.

Don’t forget, the April Fools party only goes until April 4th, so hurry up and get your free items! The cheats for that is 2 posts below this post.

Also in the newspaper, they talked about the Penguin Play Awards winners.

Well, that’s all for now! What do you think of the new newspaper? What do you like about it? What’s your favorite thing about the April Fools party? Answer these questions in a comment! We’d love to hear them.


P.S. I am quitting my own blog.


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One Comment on “Club Penguin Times Issue #233”

  1. Chloe Says:

    Ok seriously dude the *DRUM ROLLS* make me wanna smash a drum over you! no offence! BUT SeRiOuSlY quit it!

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