Herbert Spotted In The Newspaper!

Hey penguins! Guess what? Herbert the evil polar bear was spotted on the newspaper! He was hiding in a yeti costume, and appearently, he was “looking for the warmest place to be”

Look at these:

You can tell it’s Herbert by looking at his eyes! Compare the “yeti”‘s eyes to Herbert’s eyes in this picture:

See? The etes are EXACTLY the same! That could this mean? Could this possible be related with the upcoming new mission?

Also, check out what the “In Focus” told us about the “yeti”

Remember the whole reason for Herbert’s micheif? He wanted someplace warmer to stay!

The “yeti” said that it would take a powerful invention to knock down the Ski Lodge! Hasn’t Herbert been trying to drill and destroy Club Penguin all this time?

Herbert the “yeti” said that the boiler room looks like it was recently drilled through! He probably ment himself, and when he talked about the “genius”, he was probably just flattering himself! Also, Herbert wanted to go to the volcano, once again for the warmth!

Well, what do you think? Please comment!

I think this probably has something to do with the upcoming mission!


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3 Comments on “Herbert Spotted In The Newspaper!”

  1. Ninjinian Says:

    Nice posting, Wilberd. Long time no talk. I’ve posted this too, but I never noticed the eyes – mind me posting that and crediting you?

  2. Ninjinian Says:

    Wait this is Chaos on Wilberd’s site… great job, Chaos!

    Wilberd: Lol, yeah. It was Chaos. He did a great post! And you already did a post about this, but you did give me credit so I guess it’s okay.

  3. chaos4255 Says:

    Wow, thanks guys!

    Wilberd: No problem! And good eyes!

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