New Earth Day Recycle Hunt!

Hey penguins! Club Penguin released a new Earth Day Recycle Hunt! You need to collect all the trash around the Club Penguin island for a prize. If you need help finding the trash, here are the locations.

The first one is in the Coffee Shop, above the tree.

The next one is in the Pet Shop, next to the Pet Food.

The next one is at the Cove, it’s a barrel next to the trees.

The next one is at the Dojo Courtyard, it’s a bottle of hot sauce next to the roof.

The next one is at the Book Room, it’s a sack of beans.

The next one is at the Forest, it’s a newspaper.

The next one is at the Ski Village, it’s a pizza box.

The last one is at the Mine Shack, it’s a barrel or something..

Once you have got all the trash, you can go to the Recycle Hunt menu and press, “Claim Prize”. The prize is a Recycle Pin.

You can also go back to the Mine Shack and get a free Gardener’s Straw Hat.

And if you want, you can check out the Recycling Center. It’s pretty cool.

Well, that’s it! What do you think of the Recycle Hunt? Let us know!

-Wilberd, Follow me on Twitter @WilberdCP

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One Comment on “New Earth Day Recycle Hunt!”

  1. Tomichael Says:

    Its awesome!

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