Mission 11: The Veggie Villan Walkthrough!

Hey guys! The new mission is FINALLY here! Are you excited? I bet you are!

Written Guide / Walkthrough

  1. Talk to G.
  2. Choose “Are those corn seeds?” when he asks you about which seeds
  3. Go to the Gift Shop. Talk to Rookie.
  4. Then pick up the kernels of corn and put them in your inventory.
  5. Go upstairs. Talk to the Agent
  6. Pick up the corn seeds under the desk
  7. The teleporter is broken. Go on your Map, go to the Ski Village, then enter the Sports Shop, Enter the Dressing Room Curtains, and talk to G. Watch the scene.
  8. Go to the Ski Village. Watch the  scene
  9. Go to the Beach. Enter the Lighthouse
  10. Pick up the disc under the piano.
  11. Go left a little bit. Pick up the sprayer and cloth wipe.
  12. Use the wipe on the disc.
  13. Go back to the Ski Village. Click on the projector. Open the player, Put in the Disc. Close the player.
  14. EXTRA STEPS FOR THE GIFT:  Pick up the can.Go to the dock and fill it with water. Go to the HQ and use garys machine to freeze the water.Pick up the Ice. Go back to the beacon and talk to the Worker. Give him the can. Go to the ski village and use the lens to fix the little penguins glasses.
  15. Talk to Rookie. Go back to the projector. Open your Agent phone, use the wrench tool to unscrew the box left of the projector.
  16. Click colors and use the instructions until the colors match. Basically, if its the wrong color then it will be red. If its the right color in the wrong space, it’ll be yellow. Green means right color in the right spot.
  17. Go to the Mines shack on your Map, and enter the corn field.
  18. Follow the popcorn trail until you get to the large pile.
  19. Pick up the piece of paper and put in your inventory.
  20. Follow herberts footsteps to find the rest of the paper
  21. The paper is instructions on how to raise super Corn.
  22. When you reach the final location (after picking all 4 pieces of paper up) pick up the wood
  23. Keep Waddling into the forest, until you reach the river. Its kinda confusing check video for more info
  24. Use the wood you picked up earlier to get acress
  25. Throw the Corn to the Lever so you can lower the Stairs
  26. Plug off his computers power cord
  27. You will be teleported back to HQ.
  28. Click on the orange book below the emergency board
  29. Solve the Puzzle by matching all the colors. Check video for more Help.
  30. Congrats! you finished the Veggie Villain Mission!

Well, that’s all for now! What do you think? Comment!


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