Club Penguin Wii Game!

Club Penguin started on the computer, now they have DS games, and now it’s time they have a Wii game. Billybob and the team recently published the Wii game “Club Penguin Game Day!”. In Club Penguin Game Day, players can compete in sports, play games, and join performance events such as Java Sack, Fast Freeze, Sled & Slide and Sumo Smash. The date of when it will be in stores is currently not known. If you think this is fake, well let’s just say wait for it to come out and you’ll see it’s not fake. Here is a picture of the cover:

And you may be wondering, hey, isn’t Java Sack the same thing as Bean Counters? Yes, it is the same thing except Java Sack is a multiplayer game which means there’s more than one player in one game. So, what I want to know from you all is if it sounds interesting to you and if you are going to get it. So, what are you waiting for? Leave a comment!

-Wilberd, Follow me on Twitter @WilberdCP

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One Comment on “Club Penguin Wii Game!”

  1. Im not going to buy it because all cp games are failures

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