New EPF Field Ops & Elite Gear!

There are now EPF Field Ops! Just check out the HQ, and head over to the Field Ops corner.

You will then see this picture, just click Accept Field Op.

Then, go to the Town and go right next to the big S on the Night Club.

Your Spy Phone will change, click on it. You will have to press Engage and then you have to connect the circuits together, like if you click one and its a triangle, match it up with another triangle, do this for all the shapes.

If you did it right, this should pop up.

Congratulations! You completed your first Field Op! But wait! That’s not it!

There’s also new EPF Elite Gear, you get 1 Career Point for each Field Op you complete. With the Career Points, you can some cool EPF Gear. Here’s what you can get:

Well, what do you think of the new updates? Let us know!

-Wilberd, Follow me on Twitter @WilberdCP

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4 Comments on “New EPF Field Ops & Elite Gear!”

  1. jason Says:

    your the best

  2. Xena Warrior Princess Says:

    What the field op for now?

  3. dev Says:

    For me it says there is a divice in a box.

  4. roxygirlpop Says:

    how do career points on clubpenguin is heros vs villens

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