Island Adventure Party Guide

Woohoo! Today the Island Adventure Party has arrived! Finally.. It’s so much fun! Check out the Town, really cool, huh? Visit the beach and you can get on a ship and battle with your friends. Unfortunately, this is only for members, sorry.

If you check out the Forest and you’re a member, you can get a free new item! There’s also some other fun, and interesting rooms. AND, there’s a new paper boat scavenger hunt!

The first paper boat is located at the Forest.

The second boat is located at the Beach.

The third boat is located at the Snow Forts.

The fourth boat is located at the Hidden Lake. Visit the Forest, roll over the big rock, and walk into the big hole and you will be in the Hidden Lake.

The fifth paper boat is located at the Plaza next to the big puffle on top of the Pet Shop.

The sixth boat is located at the Town. It’s near the Coffee Shop.

The next paper boat is in the Ski Village.

The 8th and final paper boat is located at the Iceberg. It’s on the tree.

Congratulations! You found all of the missing paper boats! Now, click Build the map and you will have to put together all of the papers you found to form a map. Here is what is should look like:

Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to claim your prize which is a new background! Congratulations! If you want another prize, visit the Cove and either Drill or scoop up the sand and eventually you’ll be able to find a prize there.

Congratulations! You found a Pirate Bandanna!

So, how did you like this party? Let us know!

-Wilberd, Follow me on Twitter @WilberdCP

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One Comment on “Island Adventure Party Guide”

  1. chaos4255 Says:

    how do u scoop the sand? you’re doing a great job wilberd! i am planning to come back sometime later in the summer.

    Wilberd: Oh, great. And to scoop the sand, use a jackhammer (wear a Hard Hat/Mining Helmet and dance) or use the black shovel thing and dance/wave.

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