Field Op #2 Is Here

Hello agents!

Today, the 2nd Field Op has been released. To start your Field Op, visit the Command Room and talk to Gary.

He will say the security system is offline because of a broken antenna. You need to find it and fix it with your spy phone.

Go to the Ski Hill, stand next to the pole in the middle, then check your Spy Phone, it should be ringing.

Once you click your Spy Phone, a big message will come up. Press Engage.

What you need to do, is move the car in the center with your arrow keys and try to get them into these battery thingys and fill them up with the green energy, and try not to go when those red traps are shooting lighting or that will shock you, if you get shocked by them too many times you have to start the game over. Like I said, you need to fill them up with the green energy so after you’ve filled one up, you need to go back into the center and recharge then fill up another one.

NOTE: In one of the battery things, it will be locked. You have to move the car to get the key, then go back and it will unlock it.

After you’ve done that correctly, you have completed Field Op #2. Congratulations!

-Wilberd, Follow me on Twitter @WilberdCP

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