Community Garden Tree Shrinks

While I was just on Club Penguin, I noticed something really strange. The Community Tree Garden’s flowers were gone! It must haveve shrunk or something. You might not believe this, so here’s a picture of what it looked like when it grew, then what is looks like now because it has shrunk.

See? This is really weird… Comment your thoughts & let us know what you think is happening!

-Wilberd, Follow me on Twitter @WilberdCP

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2 Comments on “Community Garden Tree Shrinks”

  1. Can u be an author on my site tell me your email and ill add u to it i added u to my blogroll plz add me to yours its not that popular at the moment since i have just started if u take a look at it u will see ive made progress! 😉

    Wilberd: I’m sorry, I’m really really busy with this site, other sites, and things in real life. Good luck with your blog though!

  2. Chloe Says:

    Its ok Thanks

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