Club Penguin Field Op #13 Guide

Agents, report to the HQ immediately! Walk to the Field Op Screen to get info on your new mission.

Gary will then talk to you about your new mission and what’s going on. Accept the Field Op.

Then, open your map and go to the Forest. Walk over climb down into the Hidden Lake.

Walk over to the Aqua Grabber machine thing and your spy phone should be ringing, click on it.

Press Engage and a new menu will come up, you have to use your left and right arrow controls to match the firewall with the other same one. Be careful, the levels get harder after each one!

If you did it correctly, congratulations! You have just completed a new Field Op and received a new medal which you can redeem for Elite Gear!

-Wilberd, Follow me on Twitter @WilberdCP

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