Wilberd’s Halloween Party

Hey penguins!

Do you like Halloween? Do you like seeing spooky things? Do you like being scared? Well, great because I am hosting my first Halloween Party and I’m pretty sure it’s gonna at least make someone have to go to the bathroom. But you won’t be able to it if you come to the party! This Halloween Party will be on the haunted ship of Yacatch Willyesh, the ghost. Haven’t heard of her? Of course you haven’t, she’s not very known but if she was, you’d want to never meet her. She’s a super cruel ghost that loves terrorizing living things, especially penguins.. Below is a top secret story about Yacatch Wilyesh and how she became a ghost, nobody actually knows if it’s 100% true but it might be..and it’s very scary..so read it if you dare.

About 200 years ago, there lived a girl who was just born. Her name was Yacatch Willyesh. Everyone in her family were farmers. She began farming at the age of 5, she grew up the same way any other kid would. Until one day, she took a walk in the woods when no one was looking. She walked through the forest for about 10 minutes and then, something she had never seen before was just in front of her. It was the ocean. She stared at it for several minutes. Ships and boats came by and went away, but she never moved. Suddenly, she ran back to her family and told them about everything she saw. After her parents explained to her about boats, ships, and other things in the ocean, Yacatch finally said, “Can I please be a sailor? PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!” She begged and begged and finally her parents said in a few years, she could be a sailor. After a few years passed, Yacatch joined a small crew of pirates on a very large ship. She turned out to be very lazy and terrible as a sailor. The captain kicked her off the ship and sailed away as fast as he could. She decided that she would buy a new ship with the money she got from her parents and never spent, decorate the ship, and sell it. That would be her new job. A month passed and Yacatch had finished decorating the ship and was ready to sell it. She tried to sell it, but nobody would buy it. She spent almost two months trying to sell it. Then one day, she got so many bad reviews on her ship that she messed up the whole house and smashed and broke many things..But that’s not all.. She killed herself and became a ghost, she haunts the ship waiting and waiting for someone to come. She will not rest until she gets happiness, which she may never get. Even now, there are still many stains of blood in the ship. Yacatch was also eager to terrify and hurt people. She redecorated the house to make it frightening and she would hurt anyone who came in the ship. Rumors say.. there’s a crystal ball somewhere in the ship, and if you go close to it…Say bye bye..because you’re gone. One time, these policemen investigated the ship, but they also kept it a secret.. They looked around the house, and when they got to the crystal ball, they dropped a top secret teleporting device that landed somewhere in the ship and they were sucked into the ball. The ghost was smiling for an hour straight. So I don’t recommend going there.. because of the ghost, and because once you get in.. there’s no way out. And for if you don’t believe in ghosts.. Yacatch can turn visible whenever she wants to.. if you hear a laugh sort of like, “Mwahahahaha!”, then your a goner. But atleast there’s a chance of the ghost putting your grave in the ship, she loves to stick graves in her ship..

Scared now? Uh huh, that’s what I thought.. And about the top secret teleporting device thing, that’s probably not true but if it is, it’s definitely going to be hidden somewhere and you’ll probably have to look for hours. Oh and I wouldn’t get close to that crystal ball either, cause uh.. You know.. Uh huh yup that’s a pretty mean ghost. So uh, when we get to the ship your gonna have to think of a way out because I’m all out of ideas. Wait, HOW AM I GONNA GET OUT? Oh no..YIKES! I already called the police for a reservation, if I don’t go, they’re going to force me in because I survive and get out, they’ll want to know everything. What am I going to do? I really need your guys help, if you thought about not going to the party, you REALLY need to come now! The party details are below.

If you can’t read it, it says:

Wilberd’s Halloween Party

When: October 24, 2 PM PST

Where: Fog, Shadow Xman’s Igloo

Why: So I can scare the chocolate out of you. Just kidding, we’re going to celebrate Halloween!

I really hope you guys can make it! Comment if you’re coming!

-Wilberd, Follow me on Twitter @WilberdCP

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5 Comments on “Wilberd’s Halloween Party”

  1. Troy Says:

    wow creepy..ill come

  2. Mini Pengy18 Says:

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    P.S try to remind me and comment about the party!

  3. chily 13 Says:

    HEY TELL ME A TOY CODE THI IS MY CORREO chily13penguin@hotmail.com

  4. Mini Pengy18 Says:

    What Can I Dress At The Party? BTW Pls remind me everyday! Thx.

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