Wilberd’s Halloween Party Review

As you all know, my Halloween Party was yesterday and it was extremely awesome! Lol! Well, I know some of you couldn’t make it, and that’s okay. There wasn’t as many people as I expected.  Some people logged on, and we were waiting for others to arrive, and they left, then others come and left.. But then a few people waited and a few people came, we had a great time exploring the haunted ship, we even got scared a few times, actually we were like scared almost all the time we were there, lol! But then we found a secret way out, there was a device hidden behind under a cauldron that could teleport us to a safe place, thanks god! We also had a fantastic time playing some games, talking, and hanging out! I forgot to take pictures because of all the fun I had, but at least I had a great time!

Thanks haunted ship – you helped my friends and I have a great, fun, and an incredible time!

Thanks friends – for supporting me, coming to my party, and helping me have a super fun day!

Thanks whoever made words – so I could write the word “Party” xD

Thanks to whoever came to the party, and if you had a good time, awesome! There will be more parties soon, stay tuned! 😀

-Wilberd, Follow me on Twitter @WilberdCP

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One Comment on “Wilberd’s Halloween Party Review”

  1. hauntedclaw Says:

    My name is Dog Woof and I really need help! I just made a new site and I need hits. I’ll add you onto my blogroll if you add me on yours! I HAVE A COIN CODE AND A RARE MEMBER PENGUIN.


    I’ll put you onto my blogroll!

    Thanks a bunch!
    Dog Woof

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