Club Penguin Halloween Party 2010

Hey penguins! Today is the first day of the Club Penguin Halloween Party of 2010! This is one of my favorite parties of all time because of all the spooky and exciting things! It is also one of the most decorated parties. Check it out!

You can also pick up some free Bat Wings at the Plaza. Another reason why Halloween is one of my favorite holidays/parties is because of the scavenger hunt. It’s really cool! If you need help with finding any of the candies, the locations are below.

The first one is at the Beach.

The second one is at the Snow Forts.

The third one is at the Ice Berg.

The fourth one is at the Gift Shop.

The fifth one is at the Pizza Parlour.

The sixth one is at the Ski Lodge.

The seventh one is at the Plaza.

The eighth one is at the Beacon.

Once you’ve collected all of the candies, click the pumpkin basket at the top of your screen on the right, and click Claim Prize.

Congratulations! You get the Candy Forest Path Background for completing the Halloween Scavenger Hunt!

But wait! This Halloween Party is not over yet! You can also visit the Dark Chamber (members only) and the Haunted House (members only) by viewing the poster and clicking the button, or going to the Forest.

Here’s what the cool new Dark Chamber looks like.

Follow the order below to open the Dark Chamber door.

Yes! Now you’ve made it to the next room! You can pick up a free Storm Lantern there.

Wear it or wear Night Vision Googles (better choice) to see the room better. Then follow the path to the next opening that will lead you to the final room.

This is it! The final room. It’s pretty cool, isn’t it?

Congratulations, you made it! You can click the paper in the lower right corner of the screen to buy some really scary Monster Costumes!

You can also pick up a free Pile O’ Candy, and you can get as many as you like since it’s a furniture item.

Now let’s go back to the Forest, and to the Haunted House!

Now, here’s the inside. It’s pretty cool, and scary too! You can also pick up a free Ghost Costume here.

But that’s still not the end! Head over to the Dojo Courtyard for a big surprise! You can see the storm up close, there’s some snow up in the sky, and the volcano has some fire coming out of it! WOAH!

What do you think is going on Let us know? And let us know how you enjoyed this Halloween Party! It was the best Halloween Party ever, I loved it!

-Wilberd, Follow me on Twitter @WilberdCP

P.S. Gary can also be found in CP during the Halloween Party, keep an eye out for him. He’s mostly at the Dark Chamber.

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