New Club Penguin Field Op Guide

Hey agents! There is a new field op for you penguins to do.

Go to the HQ, and talk to Gary. One of the EPF computers are infected, it is your duty to find out which one and fix it!

Walk over to the map in the left side of the HQ and get close enough to it so that your EPF Spy Phone is ringing.

Click the spy phone, and this screen should pop up.

You have to complete the maze. You are the repair bot, send directions to lead it to all three corrupted systems. But! You can only send five sets of commands. So you have to do combinations. ex: If one corrupted system is 5 squares away from you, and the repair bot is facing that way, you could press the forward command 5 times and it would go there and take up only one set.

(this picture does not show me doing combinations, it just shows what the maze screen looks like)

If you did that correctly, congratulations! You have completed the field op! You have also earned another medal.

-Wilberd, Follow me on Twitter @WilberdCP

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