Card Jitsu Water Scavenger Hunt Guide

Hey penguins!

Card Jitsu is on it’s way and will officially begin on November 25th! Woohoo!! Check out the epic new login screen.

Okay, now, if you log on to Club Penguin, the rain has stopped! WHAT?! There are also some new decorations AND there is a Card Jitsu Water scavenger hunt! Yeah! That’s the stuff!

So, let’s find the first item. Where could it be..? Hm… I could help you guys, if you need the help. If you do need it, scroll down!

Found it yet? Oh, I found it! It’s at the Stadium!

Now, the next one. Oh! There it is! At the Coffee Shop!

Aha! I found the third one! It’s at the cute little Pet Shop!

Woohoo! Surfs up! It’s at the Cove!

Reading time! Visit the local Book Room!

Show everyone your grooves and head upstairs! It’s at the Dance Lounge!

Now you can hang out at the relaxing beach!

And finally, the last item for the scavenger hunt is at…

The Dojo Courtyard! Perfecto!

Once you’ve found all of the items, claim your prize and you will get… A really cool new background! Check it out!

You can also pick up a free Bucket Hat from the Snow Forts, awesome!

Get ready ninjas, Card Jitsu Water is on it’s way! 😀

-Wilberd, Follow me on Twitter @WilberdCP

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3 Comments on “Card Jitsu Water Scavenger Hunt Guide”

  1. this really helped! Thanx!!:)

  2. do u do this every scavenger hunt? if u dont u should.

    try 2 find me on club penguin. if u do be my buddy;)

  3. tammy Says:

    when can u start it

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