Card Jitsu Water Finally Arrives!

Hey penguins! The time has finally come.. for Card Jitsu Water has finally arrived and begun! There is an awesome new login screen!

Anyways, let’s head on over to the Dojo to join the epic celebration!

Awesome, right? Yeah! So, you gotta walk into the Ninja Hideout and WOAH! Sweeett!

That’s just amazing! Now, let’s finally get a move on into the Water Dojo! If you’re not a Fire Ninja yet, don’t worry! You don’t have to be one! Click the statue with the Water sign and step into the entrance that pops up in the middle. Now, here we are, in the Water Dojo!

That’s just OWNAGE! I love it! Wow! Now, let’s start the game by talking to Sensei all the way up there, make your mouse hover over the pillow and POOF! There he is!

Haha! He called me Master! Master of Fire!! Hehe! I am a master, aren’t I? xD Anyways, keep clicking and he’ll keep talking. Then, he’ll give you a Booster Pack filled with a few Card Jitsu Water cards! Thanks, Sensei!

The game will then… start. WOOHOO! Good luck, ninjas! Have a great time! Here is what you have to do in this game, there is either a fire, pile of snow, or some water in front of you, there are your cards moving to the right at the very bottom of your screen, pick a card that has an element that beats the element in front of you and then click the element in front of you.  So if there was fire in front of you, you’d pick a water card and click on the fire. Do it fast or you’ll fall down! Once the element in front of you is gone, you’ll step up and do the same thing again with the next element.

Got it? Good! Let’s go and win this game!

When the game ends, you can check your progress by clicking the cards in the lower right corner of your screen.

Keep on playing Card Jitsu Water until you earn all of your items that make up the Water Suit. Once you have the complete Water Suit, challenge Sensei and defeat him. Then, you will officially become.. A Water Ninja.

-Wilberd, Follow me on Twitter @WilberdCP

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