Awesome Water Ninja Actions!

Hey penguins! So, I finally achieved the Water Ninja status! Woohoo! I beat Sensei, got the Water Gem, and got all the Card Jitsu Water stamps! It was awesome! Now, let’s take a look and see what happens when you wave with your full Water Ninja suit, and your amulet.

The animation may not be very good and it could be too fast for you, but when a Water Ninja waves, a cloud appears above it’s head, rains, and then he/she disappears. Sweet, right? Yeah! It’s really cool! But what’s WAAAAYYYY better is the dance action! Check it out! 😀

The first picture shows me somewhere, and the next three pictures show me somewhere else, I just had to switch places because people kept crowding me xD Anyways, it’s AWESOME! Way better than the Fire Ninja actions! The Water Ninja controls a huge surf of water that rotates around him/her. I love it! What do you guys think?

-Wilberd, Follow me on Twitter @WilberdCP

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One Comment on “Awesome Water Ninja Actions!”

  1. mookie52598 Says:

    ….sweet….nothing else to say but that. im stuck just before the torrent mask because it takes so long to get 100%

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