About Gary The Gadget Guy

——About Gary The Gadget Guy—–

Gary is an inventor on Club Penguin. He has built some major things on Club Penguin such as the Clock Tower, Pizzatron 3000, Jetpack and Island Lifter 3000(Festival of Flight). Gary also helps in Mission. You will find Gary in every Mission there is and he helps you in mission.

Gary is always busy with new inventions and doesn’t spend a lot of time socializing. He prefers to work alone. Gary is a very busy penguin and a little reserved. But Gary does come out once an a while at his favorite times of the year.(Halloween, Penguin Play Awards, etc.)

His Background was out In Halloween Parties, Festival Of Flight and The Penguin Play Awards.

Gary is the opposite of Rockhopper. Gary likes to go on quiet/almost empty severs and does not like to be crowded because he is a shy penguin. If you see him, remember NOT to crowd him otherwise he will leave the server.

Good luck on finding him!


YO this is Gary!


2 Comments on “About Gary The Gadget Guy”

  1. suzzy Says:

    ths so darn muches

  2. Chloe Says:

    whats da penguin storm 12.1 code 4 that?

    Wilberd: Please don’t discuss that program here, if you want to know visit the official Penguin Storm site.

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