Club Penguin Keyboard Shortcuts

Have you ever saw penguins doing emotions you never knew you could do? Have you wondered how you could do them? Well then you came to the right place, below is a list of all the emotions you can do on Club Penguin.

e1=Laughing face

e2=Smiley Face

e3=Straight Face


e5=Suprised Face

e6=Sticking out tounge face


e8=Green sick face

e9=Red angry face

e0=Sad Face

eu=Crooked Face

Type D to dance

Type W to wave

Type S to sit

Type T to throw a Snowball

Type J to tell a joke

Type Y to say Yes

Type O to say Ok

Type H to say Hello

Type B to say Good-Bye

Type N to say No


ec=Coffee Cup






el=Good Luck


en=Moon and Stars


ep=Blue Puffle

eq=Ice cream

et=A music with a silly sound (also known as a toot)


Here is a picture that might help you:

Don’t understand? The first smiley in the list below is Laughing Face. It says you have to press e1, that means you must not be typing in the chat box, so click on somewhere on the room so your cursor is not in the chat box, then type e1 on your keyboard at the same time and you should see that emotion above your penguin.

Have any questions or comments? Let me know below!

9 Comments on “Club Penguin Keyboard Shortcuts”

  1. Lord Vandock Says:

    Woah. You rock wilberd. Thanks for being so dedicated to ur site.

  2. LarryLove Says:

    Hey very nice blog!!….I’m an instant fan, I have bookmarked you and I’ll be checking back on a regular….See ya 🙂

  3. 1a2a345 Says:

    too cool
    its a very interesting thing to look at

  4. Jimmy Says:

    Awsome…. I love this site!! Than you for all of ur help 😉

  5. Kyra91286 Says:

    dbdcnxdfsbcw hi how do u do music note?

  6. LULU Says:

    No biggg flopp

  7. poop Says:

    ep is a puffle

  8. Arceus Says:

    Actually for ! and ? you don’t need to press Shift, just 1 and /.

  9. GeorgeMum Says:

    Как прочитать чужую переписку viber – взлом вайбер бесплатно, скачать программу +для взлома вайбер.

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