If you have any questions, need general support, or anything else (cannot email me for a random reason), then feel free to email the owner of this blog, Wilberd, at

If you are planning to email me and ask me if I can give you a Coin Code/Card Jitsu code/Membership code, then please don’t. I have recieved a lot of messages from people just asking if I can give them a code. I do not have a lot of codes or spare codes. I may have contests or giveaways here and you will have a chance to get a code but I can’t give you a code because, I don’t always have a code. I’m very sorry but remember, I will have giveaways and contests and the prizes may be Coin Codes/Card Jitsu Codes/ Membership Codes so stay tuned!


Skype – Wilberd06

One Comment on “Contact”

  1. Appblossom70 Says:

    I would like to send you a personal invitation to Jeep70’s Halloween party!
    When: 10-29-10
    Time: 4-6PM PST
    Server: Sherbert
    I hope you can come! There is also a vote for Jeep’s costume and igloo design for the party on his site.

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