Funny Pictures

Hey Penguins!

This page is full of all the funny pictures I’ve taken. I dare you to go down this whole page without laughing! Go ahead and try it!

Bye-Bye Penguins!

Help!!! I’m going to fall!

Ouch! My boody!

I’m not a board!

Gimme some Cocoa Puffs Coco!

Im standing on water??

Why is there hot sauce???

Hello? Any there? Hello????


Ahhhhhh!!! The light is too bright for me!!!!

Ouch! AGAIN!!!

Take this you dumb creature!!

Ooh! Look, a horsey! I wanna ride it!

He’s not Santa! He’s a fake!

That’s the ugliest tree I’ve ever seen in my life!

Did Santa go in my closet?

What a big present! It’s mine now!

Hey, that’s my sailboat! How did it get all the way over here?

My eyes are hurting again!

Hey! Where’s my underwear?!

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5 Comments on “Funny Pictures”

  1. *twilighter* Says:

    lol funny pics!!

    Wilberd: Yeah, thanks.

  2. faith Says:

    Those are cool pix!! and funny ! cool penguin!

  3. Policeman655 Says:

    i have some funny photos

  4. fail photos Says:

    Dude that’s absolutely amazing

  5. snowpup7 Says:

    lol i like the aaah imanna fall won heh heh tsk tsk im ready ok me: ok well time to eat pizza Friend: but its 8;00 me: i know im just old

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