How To Become A Ninja

Ninjas on Club Penguin have always been a myth..Until now. For real, there is a chance to become a fierce, secret, and epic ninja. Are you ready to become one? To become a ninja, follow this guide below.

Step 1. First, go to the Dojo Courtyard, then enter the Dojo.

Step 2. Then, talk to the Sensei and he will explain how Card-Jitsu works, if you want to skip through that you can and I will teach you how to play.

Step 3. To play Card Jitsu, you will get a Starter Deck from Sensei and then you will have some cards to use. The cards will have different pictures, colors, elements, and numbers. There are three elements, Water, Snow, and Fire. Click on one of the blue mats to play with a certain penguin or go to Sensei and click ”Earn Your Belts” for Sensei to choose your opponent.




Step 4. When you play you will have one opponent.  If you both choose a card that is the same element, the highest number wins.

Step 5. To win a match there are two things you can do to win. The first way to win is to have won three cards of the same element but they must be different colors. The second way to win to have won one card of all three elements but they must be different colors.

Step 6. After you win a match you will gain experience and if you win more matches you will gain more experience. The more experience you get closer you are to becoming a ninja. After you win a certain number matches you will earn the next belt. Here are the numbers of how many matches you need to win to have a black belt.

White Belt – 5 total wins
Yellow belt – 13 total wins
Orange belt – 21 total wins
Green belt – 30 total wins
Blue belt – 40 total wins
Red belt – 52 total wins
Purple belt – 64 total wins
Brown belt – 76 total wins
Black belt – 88 total wins

Here is a chart of all the belts.

Step 7. After you earn your Black Belt talk to Sensei and click ”Challenge Sensei”. You will challenge Sensei, you will lose a couple of times but after about 7 times of challenging him and losing he will start to get tired and he will lose.

Once you’ve beaten Sensei you will get a Ninja Mask from Sensei and you are now a ninja!

You can now access the Ninja Hideout by click on the door next to the Dojo.

Here’s what the inside of the Ninja Hideout looks like.

You can buy ninja things to wear and ninja-ish furniture for your igloo from the Martial Artworks Catalog.

Well, that’s all and congratulations on becoming a ninja!

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